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Do you have what it takes?

We are looking for motivated individuals who are able to work in a fast-paced environment with a flat structure.

Please submit all applications through our new automated process located at

If there is some reason the above method does not work, then please feel free to email Applications that have not been attempted to be submitted through the form above will NOT BE ENTERTAINED through the email.

Applications must be accompanied at the very least by:-

  1. A PDF copy of your resume. (Word docs are less likely to be opened immediately and might be ignored.)
  2. An unofficial school transcript of recent grades.

Applicants that are multi-lingual and that have a good command of Mandarin will be looked upon favorably. If you are able to spot any grammatical and or spelling mistakes in our website AND give a well-written alternative to help us better communicate our message, we will definitely take your attention to detail into consideration.

Internship Positions

GAO has a very active internship program and we are proud of our past interns who have gone on to various Investment Banking and Trading roles globally. If you are a past intern, please visit our alumni page to keep in touch and for various job positions only available to GAO alumni through on a referral basis.

Job Title Qualities we are looking for
Research Analysts for Driven individuals able to repeatedly produce quality work under time pressure
Hedge Fund Analyst (LOA Position) Deep analytical and math skills will bode you well in this role
Investment Banking Analyst (LOA Position) CAUTION ADVISED: Survival not guaranteed.
Accounting Associate (LOA Position) Are you looking to gain more experience outside Audit before joining the Big 4?
Computer Wizards This is no longer a classroom and the real battleground. Are you able to #!/bin/bash/

Permanent Positions

Job Title Qualities we are looking for
Graphic Designer The next budding Picasso whose choice of weapon is a mouse?
Accounts Manager Are you an OCD drill sergeant who never misses a deadline?

Perks working at GAO

  • A well stocked pantry with unlimited drinks enough to quench your thirst (soda, beer, coffee - drip, espresso, instant, tea - dozens of varieties, etc) and great food (beef steaks, salmon, korean pork bbq) that makes visitors think we might be Rosina Leckermaul in disguise.
  • We welcome pets! (No pet snakes please.)
  • The coolest bosses.

Some last words of adviceā€¦

  • Do not send Word files of your resume. Formatting on Macs and Windows are different sometimes and if your resume or CV is badly formatted on print, it will just look unprofessional. Furthermore, there are countless times we have received Word files with track changes on. How embarassing!
  • Please limit your resume to 1 page. We have yet to meet any candidate that is so outstanding but yet unable to express their great qualifications within 1 page.
  • Pick a standard and consistent format. We do not have time to decipher complex artwork.
  • Describe your experiences with specificity and strong action verbs and include how you performed tasks not just what you did.
  • Use keywords in your resume. Know what words are relevant to the industry or position you are applying for.